Courageous Copywriting for Clinicians

 with Arianna Smith

An 8-week group coaching program for therapists ready to write personality-infused copy and attract ideal, full-fee clients.

Next Round Opens Winter 2024

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"When I first started Courageous Copywriting, I was struggling with writing too generally and too clinically. I knew I wanted to niche down but was nervous to speak to my ideal client. Being able to submit drafts and receive video feedback from Arianna was so helpful.

I’ve been able to update my home, about, and service pages, and my inquiries have been more related to my specific audience. Clients will call and say my copy is exactly what they’re experiencing! I’m now confident in embracing my niche and finding people I love working with, who are also excited to work with me."

Rebecca Marcus, LCSW, Psychotherapist, and Speaker

You’re ready to uplevel your practice or share a new offering, but you don’t know what to write, how to write it, or if you’re even on the right track.

You spend hours writing, then rewriting, the same freakin’ section, and it still doesn’t feel right.

You get a great idea, but once you face the screen, your mind goes blank, bombarded with a relentless stream of self-criticism.

To make matters worse, you're flooded with copywriting advice from people who don’t understand your professional guidelines as a therapist.

You’d rather drive through rush hour in a blizzard than sound salesy or sleazy in your copy. 

After days of working on your copy, you feel helpless, hopeless, and no closer to words that sound like you nor reflect the transformative work you do with clients.

I know what you not-so-secretly wish for…

A schedule brimming with ideal, life-renewing clients — and more calls every day. Waitlist? Yes, please!

Copy that actually reflects your personality + feels authentically you. No ho-hum copy that hides your sparkle.

To trust, without a shadow of a doubt, your copy will enchant your ideal clients and repel those who drain your precious energy.

To feel truly inspired to write copy, fueled by a clear, easy energy that nourishes new ideas and creative approaches. 

You want to play bigger, serve more people, and serve the right people.  

...And compelling copy will bridge the gap to do just that.

Courageous Copywriting for Clinicians is a program for therapists like you to become your own copywriter, attract dream clients, and have your personality shine on every damn page.


During our 8-weeks together, you'll...

    • Write copy that lays the foundation for a business brimming with ideal clients
    • Craft words that are fearless, authentic, and unapologetically you
    • Feel confident, inspired, and excited to write your copy
    • Move through common creative barriers and not stay stuck in shame or overwhelm 
    • Master copywriting strategies that are aligned with your values, personality, and vision for your business
    • Develop a writing process that feels suited to your schedule, energy level, and writing style
    • Apply non-salesy copywriting tactics to write words that compel and delight your audience

You won't just be learning, you'll be WRITING, too. 

You'll pick a piece of copy that you want to complete during the program, such as a home page or sales page.

Between curriculum, coaching calls, and copy reviews, you'll move through the writing process with my eyes on it every step of the way.

By the end, you’ll have a piece of copy that feels 100% like you and is packed with powerful, client-attracting copywriting strategies. Let's hit publish!

The cherry on top? 🍒 You’ll learn a process that you can apply over and over to all future copy.

Ready to get 'er done?

Heeeey, it's Arianna Smith here! 

(But you can call me Ari)

I'm a licensed therapist, copywriter, and Earl Gray aficionado. ☕️

Behind the scenes? I'm a sensitive soul, dog mama, and a die-hard 90s kid with coasters that look like 3.5’’ floppy discs. ðŸ’¾

I’ve gone through internship, licensure, and non-profit/agency burnout just like you. I understand the emotional journey you take with your clients because I take them with my clients every day. 

Since 2017, my copy has done the heavy lifting of filling my schedule with amazing clients – clients who blow me away with their humor, insight, and dedication to growth.  

More importantly, I know you are bound by ethical guidelines that you can’t toss out the window to fill your schedule. 

What past students are saying...

Through Courageous Copywriting, I’ve built up my copy skills and even launched a new website! I used the same tools/skills to create a website for a new business I created with two colleagues.

Arianna is kind, supportive, and encouraging. She has a magical eye for copy – this is clearly her superpower! Not only did I get amazing feedback on my copy, but I learned skills and processes for writing badass copy for whatever project I might create in the future. 

Courageous Copywriting is a fabulous investment!

Lucy Smith, Ph.D. | Licensed Psychologist

During Courageous Copywriting, I learned so much about writing creative copy and clarifying my message. I wrote all new copy for my website and hit publish!

I feel confident and proud of what I’ve written and am more at ease, (and perhaps even excited!) about writing in general.

There is something SO supportive and reassuring about the way Ari provides feedback. I could feel her presence and knew she was in this with me each step of the way. Having the personal touch of Ari reviewing my copy felt like the personalized, hands-on approach I needed.

Samantha Alcalde, LPCC, LPC

Before taking Courageous Copywriting, I struggled to balance authentic human and professional business owner. 

Arianna felt like my own personal cheerleader! She gave me all the skills & encouragement I needed.

I walked away creating a Sales Page, a BADASS Homepage, and a beautiful About Page that feels authentic to ME.

I’m now landing clients that I’m TRULY excited to work with.

I highly recommend Courageous Copywriting to anyone who wants to write authentically for their business.

 Paige Bond, LMFT

Take a gander 👀 at these jaw-dropping goodies... 

✅ 30-min 1:1 Onboarding Call

Choose the piece of copy you’ll write during this program to propel your business forward. 

✅ 5 Content-Packed Modules

Learn how to sound like you and write compelling client-attracting copy. 

✅ Your Creativity Tool Box

Exercises to bust those pesky creative blocks. (Ciao, perfectionism!)

✅  In-Depth 1:1 Copy Reviews

Personalized recommendations to move your draft forward.

✅ Weekly 90-min Group Coaching Calls

Live feedback and support when you need it most. 

✅ Small, intimate cohort of therapists + healers ready to uplevel their copy 

Yup, I cap the program at 8! You'll know everyone's name.

✅ Step-by-Step Copy Templates 

Never start from scratch with your home, about, service, or sales page!  


Here’s what's really holding you back from writing spine-tingling copy 

You’ve been muzzled by graduate school training, grueling internships, societal expectations, oppressive systems, and even your well-meaning colleagues.

You’ve been told be a 'blank slate' and to not ruffle feathers. Don’t be “so sensitive” and certainly don’t be controversial, provocative, or opinionated.

That BS isn’t doing your practice ANY favors.  

It's 2023, y'all. Your ideal clients are tired of generic copy and hungry for realness and authenticity.

So, how do you get that gold on paper?

This is how we do it...🎵


Start with Clarity, Write with Ease

Eye-catching copy requires intimately understanding your ideal client. In this module, you’ll:

  • Get inside your client's head so it's a no-brainer to work with you
  • Match your message with your client's journey
  • Clarify your ideal clients' struggles and greatest desires

Ditch The Clini-Speak, Sound Like you

Let's dive into the fundamentals of persuasive, powerful copy that feels authentically you. In this module, you’ll:

  • Elevate your copywriting skills with storytelling and the power of speech
  • Master a conversational tone without sacrificing professionalism 
  • Replace clinical language with words that attract ideal clients



Why Your Clients Buy From You

Your clients undergo an overlooked psychological process before clicking "Book Now". In this module, you'll:

  • Uncover what your ideal client really needs to make a purchase from you
  • Craft powerful copy with words proven to capture attention
  • Position your offer without feeling salesy or sleazy

Infuse Your Copy With Personality

Your unique personality is the secret sauce to copy that stands out from the crowd. In this module, you’ll:

  • Balance self-disclosure ethics with true authentic copy
  • Decide if, when, and how to apply humor or profanity in your copy
  •  Practice tangible strategies to pump up your copy with pizazz

Edit Like A Boss, Hit Publish With Confidence

Editing and visual design takes your copy from so-so to stellar. In this module, you’ll:

  • Slay the editing phase with a comprehensive, reusable checklist
  • Make finishing touches before sharing your copy with the world
  • Plan out your next steps for your copy + creative journey

Creativity Tool Box + Template Library

Nourish your creative energy with accessible tools and routines. 

  • Move through writer’s block, overwhelm, and perfectionism
  • Tackle drafts with step-by-step copy templates
  • Lean into your innate creativity (yes, you've got it!) 

As a therapist, you already have what it takes to be a great copywriter.

If you're still here, a part of you knows it, too.

 Courageous Copywriting helps even the most academic-minded therapists ditch the $10 dollar words + write copy that dazzle their ideal clients. 

"Through Courageous Copywriting, Arianna opened a door to expand my sense of what was possible for my copy. She created a nurturing and encouraging holding space to practice writing my copy. My feelings about writing have shifted from dread to curiosity. Ari’s excitement for copy is contagious and you can’t help but shift to copy-loving-abundance by being connected to her writing process.

Now, I have a foundation for thinking about writing, a framework for website design, and actual good copy to weave into my website. Courageous Copywriting is absolutely a worthwhile investment."

Kat Vollono, Therapist and Coach

Let's pull all the pieces together to write powerful copy that's packed with personality

 No more hours, days, weeks, or even years of that nagging feeling that something is off with your copy.

No more endless loops of thinking about what you want to say in your head without actually putting pen to paper.

If you're a bit nervous but low-key thrilled, you're exactly where you need to be.

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Monthly Payment Options

4 x $575

or $385 x 6 months. You choose!

You got questions? I got answers.

Hot damn, you made it to the very end! 

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Reach me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you in a jiffy. 

Arianna Smith - Copywriter + Copy Coach


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